People who depend on the attack,First, let’s learn from remorse. by ♥ KASUMI ♥

 Today, I would like to receive opinions we invited  KASUMI teacher of spirit critic.

Hello. My name is KASUMI of spirit critic. Today, a short while please listen to for me.











I also had this experience a long time ago.
I was feeling want to run escape quickly from this situation.


This is like a child whine.

Since such people have gone to the discomfort to a person not, related to the surrounding, this person lowered the motivation of the company.




It does not forgive the man put out a hand to the woman. .

Very pathetic! ! !





That’s right. Women on the contrary is also useless to dabble in men.
From impatience that can not persuade the opponent the words, it puts a hand. It is serious.

This is a direct attack dependent.[Want to be recognized] to the other party that dominate than your partner, you’re trying to satisfy a self-desire to be freed from his own frustration and anxiety and fear.
Trauma of the past that was not me admitted to the other party is, the target of attacks has worked to replace turn weak person than yourself.
That the attack in this way a disservice to yourself has received to target the weak person than myself.
【identification with the aggression】and say.
In addition, this and will continue to escalate, the person who is being attacked,
there is a risk that occurs [chain of attacks] to attack against a person much weaker than their own.
If have been attacked in reverse that there are no weak people than you around.
or, people who can not bully the weak people from the beginning,is the guilt you desperation by directing the attack on your own.
This is the so-called [depression].
The deep layers of the mind of a person who has become this [depression] is, in fact, [the same of the attacker] indirect attack dependency of much not even notice the person is going on.
Company of co-workers and family to become a [depression] is also worried. In other words, in the sense that afflicts someone through illness, it has been the identification of the attacker.

I see. I learned a lot. So it is occurrence on both, [the same of the attacker] the person side who is attacked which is the person side to attack.
To resolve it,we need cut off from our own frustration and anxiety.
However, how can you make sure that, we be eliminated from those feelings?
That’s right.
If there is also opportunity because I have become time, I would like to talk about it. Everyone please spend healthful day.
Thank you for today.


HYMISOSHIRU important point of learned from KASUMI teacher.


We that is in contact with people who bellow loudly, recognized fake to get past the situ,this is important.


Do not run away from anxiety and fear.

It is important to face firmly.

It is to always have a feeling of remorse and gratitude.

Our DNA (gene) are greatly affected by the genetic information that has been taken over from their parents and ancestors.
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MOA will learn the UN Security Council.


name :MOA

What is the United Nations Security Council?

てゆ~か Going right to the poin

Yes, it is the purpose to keep the world’s security and peace. Permanent member of the Security Council five countries (the United States, China, United Kingdom, Russia, France) and are formed of a non-permanent member of the Security Council 10 countries. Non-permanent member of the Security Council is, will be selected in two or more of the support-thirds of the member countries to attend, vote in the General Assembly. Term of office will be elected the half of every year in the two years. Japan has been selected as a non-permanent member of the Security Council at this time, it will be the world’s largest number of 11th.

Why Japan is not a a permanent member of the Security Council?

てゆ~か Meaning unknown
Yes, the United Nations, the five countries that won the Second World War has become a center, was designed to take the initiative of the post-war world. So, permanent members of the Security Council is formed by five countries, other countries will be in a non-permanent member of the Security Council. as the rules in the United Nations Charter in the United Nations is not amended, it can not be.

What to specifically? 

てゆ~か Root of things

Yes, the development of nuclear weapons or chemical and biological weapons. Genocide, human rights violations to the public, such as violence. Invasion and conflict to other countries. To threaten the peace of the world by such acts, first tells the country to resolve by peaceful means (condemnation statement). If you do not also been improved to tell, to say that enforcement measures and measures with a compelling force of up to economic sanctions and military action approval. For a resolution of the Security Council caused the obligation to all Member States to follow, Council (permanent, non-permanent) 15 countries of the will have a significant impact force than a normal member countries. We resolved to ※ economic sanctions against Iran in the recent enforcement measures. Because in the case of Iran, which is separate from the United States and Europe and the United Nations has its own sanctions, Iran was economically isolated restricted the export of crude oil. Troubled Iran agreed to last year (2015 years) conditions that do not advance the nuclear development.

※ The economic sanctions to stop the economic exchanges and trade, that the country is put someone in a situation like trouble economically.

てゆ~か what goes around comes around

How resolution is determined ?
Yes, one of the Council 15 countries, a resolution if at least nine countries are in favor will be approved. However, it not approved to be opposite in one country in the five countries of the permanent members of the Security Council. This will be the exercise of the veto ※. In recent years, in the civil war that took place in Syria and Ukraine, hit the speculation of the country, the Security Council was unable to support and cooperation.
※ It is the right given to the permanent member of the Security Council with veto power. Even in 5 or one country out of the country will be able to interfere with the resolution met with the opposition.

てゆ~か arguments pro and con

What are japan thinking about ?

Yes, Japan has been paying a lot of expenses for the United Nations. Non-permanent Council will also be the world’s largest in the 11 th time this time. At the same time as that appeal to become a permanent member of the Security Council, or can be made to recognize that it is how precious present to the world is important. You can advance the reform debate in the two years of the term of office will be the key.
てゆ~か Aspect breakthrough
  Tell me your wish?


Okay? Me? Frankly, [it is the maintenance of peace.】 However, it has been extremely confusion today in disarray complex of religious issues and cultural issues, as is one of the means to solve the problem, I think  hanging on how to solve the poverty problem. Each country of the NGO in cooperation, each person citizen, that the best use of there is no border frame the Internet, or will be the cooperation in humanitarian assistance, even a little,  a first step first? It is that of all responsible for the necessary action in order to live up to the human mental thing from things material.

てゆ~か Peaceful coexistence
That’s your hope? I grant your wish! !


Realization of a great ambition!!!
Ultimate mystery!!!
Apocalypse attack!!!


Do, What! ?

what! ?


I did connected the continent.

てゆ~か Variant concentric



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時代と欲望 by hymisoshiru

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愛と平和 Love and peace 創造的想像 Creative imagination

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Cold prevention,nutrition is important.

Colds and virus

Cause of catching a cold is due to the virus, several hundred types of viruses have been identified as a pathogen. The main symptoms of colds, throat dryness and pain, swollen lymph nodes, headache, fatigue, sneezing, cough, nasal congestion, phlegm and so on. We are said to be catching a cold at the rate of 1-2 times a year. It does not interfere with breathing, in the cold of a degree that does not disturb the daily life, there are several ways to alleviate the symptoms.

Remedy at the time of a cold

When I caught a cold, hydration is required. Even though it was hit by a nose jams malaise, let’s try to be taken one day at least two liters of water. Next, please refrain from food to promote the secretion of mucus. Increasing the concentration of the sputum, to the food to increase the amount will be exemplified as follows.

• Banana • Orange • peanuts and peanut butter • dairy products • mayonnaise • sugar and candy


 You need a sleep of 8 hours to overnight. 24 hours or more, yellow or green, or continue sputum brown, when the 38 degrees or more heat persists please consult a doctor.

Sputum, it is an important reaction of the body to discharge the pathogenic bacteria or irritants. If you do not discharge the sputum containing a large amount of sugar protein, bacteria is in the sputum in the body that is charged with warm moisture is likely to grow. Therefore issuing a sputum will be important. High concentration of sputum, if nasal congestion is terrible, when you ingest the N- acetylcysteine, stickiness of phlegm Yawaragi, makes it easier to discharge. Old-fashioned salt water gargle with added salt teaspoon 1/8 in hot water of 120cc is also effective. Is discharged by a 2-3 minutes gargle, let careful not to swallow gargle water.

Colds and lactic acid bacteria

Colds will heal in the normal about a week. So long as not seen improvement in symptoms lingering from this, it is recommended that you consult a physician. Antibiotic I often ineffective in cold, but when the patient undergoes a secondary infection, the physician may prescribe an antibiotic. At that time, it becomes essential intake of lactic acid bacteria. This is to replenish the intestinal bacteria of the good guys will protect so as not to absorb the harmful substances in the body.

Colds and stress

Stress is also not independent of the common cold. Stress increases the prevalence of the disease, promotes inflammation, fatigue, will have a variety adverse effects on the body, such as lowering the concentration. Therefore, those who desired want to consolidate the healthy foundation for a long and healthy life, you need to manage your stress.


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Colds and supplements

There are also natural herbs and supplements that show efficacy in improving symptoms of the common cold. However, urged the basic metabolic activity of the body, people who are sufficiently ingest nutrition necessary for the human body to function optimally yet few. Therefore, by incorporating high-quality multi-vitamins in everyday life, and is effective in the prevention of colds, prominent medical experts recommended.
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“Wind” is developed to inhale the virus from the nose and throat, headache, fever, because accompanied by symptoms such as malaise, we need to take measures to enhance the immune function.

あいちん“Please be careful to everyone influenza”


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Diabetes is an incurable disease that causes complications! ?

Diabetes is an incurable disease that causes complications! ?

Diabetes, or did not secrete body is the “insulin”, is a disease that it will develop in the cause of insulin in the body or may not work well. Insulin is a hormone that is required to convert food such as sugar and starch into energy needed for daily life. Pathogenesis of diabetes, has not been elucidated yet complete, and genetic factors, it is believed that both environmental factors such as obesity and lack of exercise are associated with the development.
Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, renal disease, cerebrovascular disease, increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, and reduction of the microcirculation, it may cause neuropathy of fingers and toes. Surprisingly, about 1.4 million people each year in the United States only, has been newly developed diabetes.
2 large cause of diabetes
1. lack of insulin in the body
2. to insulin secreted by the body, poor reaction of the body
Cause regardless of whether it is any of the above, when you develop diabetes, glucose can not be delivered properly to the cells that extend to trillions of pieces that make up the body, the cells will be in the state of malnutrition. Despite glucose flows sufficiently into the blood, and I no longer transported to the inside of cells requires energy. If you compare the clarity of this state, it can be said that state, such as contrasting climate that floods and drought in the body is occurring at the same time. By blood supply is not successful, there is also the fact that the mortality risk of patients middle-aged of diabetes has led to about 2 times to rise to the results.
Diabetes-related disease
Poor control of diabetes, can cause diseases such as next to inhibit the health of the body.
Cardiovascular disease: the first leading cause of death due to diabetes-related diseases. Diabetes in adults, as compared to non-diabetic patients, even increased about 2 to 4 times the incidence of heart disease.
Cerebrovascular disorder: risk of diabetes patients develop cerebral vascular disorders (stroke), as compared with non-diabetic patients, also increased 2-4 times.
Alzheimer’s Disease: the probability of diabetic patients develop Alzheimer’s disease as compared to non-diabetic patients are said to be at least two times or more. In addition, obesity increases the risk for reduced brain function.
Hypertension: 73% of diabetic patients, severe hypertension requiring medication is observed.
Kidney disease: diabetes is the main cause of kidney disease, about 38,000 diabetic patients each year have started dialysis therapy.
Neurological disease: 60-70% of diabetes patients have developed severe neurological disorder.
Foot ulcers, leg ulcers
Lower limb amputation: 60% of non-traumatic lower limb amputations are caused diabetes.
Dental disease: risk is also rising 2 times than usual.
Complication of pregnancy
Blindness: With the abnormal glucose metabolism, there is that cataract is the main cause may occur leading to blindness, is essential retinopathy in an abnormal cause of the retina is the maintenance of vision occur.
According to the data based on the death certificate, it has been reported that more than 20 million people each year are gone because of the diabetes. In practice, however, also it has been reported that there is a greater possibility than this figure. In any case, this is a number of people up to the number of residents and the same degree of small cities of North America, says it whether diabetes is missing is how many people in the cause. And, it has also intended clearly shows the importance of the prevention of diabetes.
Diabetes is a topic newsworthy, in order to raise awareness about diabetes, arouse article attention to, such as the national version of the newspaper has been frequently published. Unfortunately, in the United States and Canada, it aims to improve the knowledge about diabetes, despite drug therapy is performed, it is practical that the incidence of diabetes is rising. Diabetes is often preventable disease. Also, to prevent the complications caused by diabetes, by positive action, it is I important to prevent the onset of diabetes itself causes.
The number of people newly developing diabetes or pre-diabetes has been increasing year by year. This is also, if you do not try to actively prevention, also has a meaning that those who own and surroundings there is a possibility that becomes a part of this statistic. In medical institutions and government organizations, on public health, it shows the concern of the risk of diabetes is also comparable to that of smoking. Diabetes has become enough to be epithet as “plague” of the 21st century, but in the current situation, to the extent possible deal in conventional modern medicine it is true that there is a limit.
However, as a result of this, it is also true opportunity to provide alternative medicine to support the patients of diabetes and pre-diabetes is spreading. In particular, in recent years, a number of diabetes patients, we hope treatment with natural remedies rather than conventional medicine.
Type of diabetes
Type 1 diabetes: 5-10% of diabetes patients will be classified as type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes will develop by the secretion of a hormone called “insulin” is prevented. Insulin receptor in insulin and cells, can be likened to a lock and key. By the key that insulin is inserted into the keyhole of the insulin receptor, the cell is opened, it glucose spreads into the cell.
Type 2 diabetes: Type 2 diabetes accounts for 90-95% of all diabetic patients. Called insulin deficiency as “insulin resistance”, it will develop because the insulin is in a state hard to act on the cells.
In the United States and Canada, the total number of diabetes patients is about 20 million people (in the, diagnosis already 13 million people, undiagnosed 7 million people) will climb to. This figure is equivalent to 6.2% of the total population in both regions. Newly By symptoms it has been the definition of “pre-diabetes” recently, 20% of people living in North America, and I have been speculated to develop full-fledged diabetes.
Incidence of diabetes
Then, we will introduce some statistical results for diabetes. From the following figures, even apart from the personal economic burden, we can see that diabetes has had a major impact on the lives of many people.
Under 20
Developing already the 165 000 people diabetes belonging to the 20-year-old the following age group to be living in North America (in the past to the ※, the onset of diabetes had been mainly limited to middle-aged group)
Children 400 to one per 500 people, develop type 1 diabetes
Native American, African-American, the incidence of type 2 diabetes in the Hispanic-Latin-American children rise
20 years of age or older.
Americans who belong to this age group, the total of Canadian 20 million people (equivalent to 8.6% of the total population of the two regions) of developing diabetes
9 million men (or 8.3 percent) of developing diabetes
Onset 11 million women (or 8.9%) of diabetes
60 years of age or older.
Americans who belong to this age group, a total of nine million Canadians (equivalent to more than 18 percent of the total population of the two regions) of developing diabetes
Diabetes onset
In the United States and Canada, more than 1.4 million people each year are newly diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes patients, heart disease, cerebrovascular disorders, high blood pressure, liver disease, nerve disease, lower limb amputations, dental disease, pregnancy complications, in addition to such as blindness, is also in the susceptible state to other diseases. Further, it cures the diabetic patients develop other disease is difficult and seen many cases prognosis is poor as compared to non-diabetic patients.
In order to properly treat diabetes, it may also be practiced in non-insulin and diet. For example, Chinese medicine is not only the treatment of diabetes, is also effective in the relief of symptoms of diabetes complications. Among the complications, the most serious is the heart disease. In addition, elevated blood cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, reduction of microcirculation, increase in lipid, such as damage caused by active oxygen to the cells is also likely to occur.
Chinese herbal medicine
Mushroom called “Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi),” which is known as traditional Chinese medicine in China, will help in the treatment of diabetes and its complications. Also, it will have a good effect on various parts of the body.
The Ganoderma lucidum, has the effect of lowering the blood pressure and cholesterol levels, it is also effective in relieving the symptoms of cardiovascular disease and inflammatory diseases. The diabetics often these symptoms are seen, risk as compared to non-diabetic patients we found that much higher. Therefore, diabetic patients in particular, to maintain the blood sugar levels in the proper range, it is important that seeks to strengthen the body’s protective function.
The Ganoderma lucidum, it has found that there is also the effect of suppressing the generation of cholesterol. In component called “ganoderic acid” included in the Ganoderma lucidum, it is because there is a function to suppress the generation of cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol levels, since cause of promoting the progression of heart disease, such as diabetics, people often cholesterol test values ​​are not appropriate, it said to improve expected by ingesting Ganoderma.
In addition, according to one study group, the Ganoderma lucidum is prevented from cholesterol in the aorta cells are accumulated, it is reported that there is also an effect of preventing the occlusion of the artery.
Ganoderma lucidum extract to prevent the formation of blood clots, reducing the risk of cerebrovascular disease and heart disease. Furthermore, it is also possible to use as an adjunctive treatment of type 2 diabetes, by increasing the blood insulin concentration in the reaction is poor patient to blood glucose levels and help to properly maintain liver function to control blood sugar You.
In addition to these effects, the ganoderma extract, have found that an effect of protecting the pancreas to secrete insulin. Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide extract, to counter the active oxygen, to protect the pancreas from damage.
As described above, the Ganoderma lucidum, there are various effects that can help to assist in the treatment of symptoms associated with diabetes and diabetes. In addition to the conventional treatment planning, it is possible to incorporate Ganoderma, to increase the success rate of treatment over a long period, it is of help to suppress damage due to complications.
Another Chinese herbal medicine that is widely used in the treatment of diabetes, there is a “swift moth Cordyceps” (Korudisepusu sinensis). By 2004 in the studies conducted, this mushroom has been prized as a precious Chinese medicine since ancient times, that there are many indications that can help in relieving diabetes and various complications has been re-confirmed. Formation prevention of thrombosis, proper maintenance of the beating of the heart, lowering of blood sugar levels, there are indications, such as a reduction in triglycerides and cholesterol levels, these will help to maintain the good microcirculation.
In addition, the polysaccharide derivative of the kind contained in the swift moth Cordyceps has been shown to significantly reduce plasma glucose levels. This component, it is possible to suppress the production of sugar in the body, there is also serves to invigorate enzyme called “glucokinase” necessary for the liver to control the sugar metabolism. Furthermore, in animal experiments that administration of a polysaccharide derivative of another kind that is included in the swift moth Cordyceps, is reduced blood glucose levels to the normal range, the liver of blood sugar processing capacity rises, seen the results that the triglyceride and cholesterol concentration decreases below.
In another experiment, the subjects were given a cholesterol diet, by administering a swift moth Cordyceps, high density lipoprotein (HDL) concentration increases, the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and very low density lipoprotein and ( VLDL) result that the concentration is reduced was seen. In addition, swift moth caterpillar Natsukusa, not only lower cholesterol concentration, was found to also prevent an increase in the active oxygen which alter the cholesterol to a more harmful form. In addition, the swift moth Cordyceps, into the aorta to prevent the cholesterol is accumulated, was also shown that there is a protective effect of delaying the progression of arteriosclerosis. In other words, swift moth caterpillar Natsukusa is said to be useful also in the maintenance of diabetes complications onset of the entire important become the circulatory system in order to prevent health became clear.
In addition to the effects in the treatment of the above-mentioned diabetes and heart disease, in the swift moth Cordyceps, there is a powerful antioxidant effect on blood fats, including cholesterol. By taking the Cordyceps extract, you can prevent the harmful substances in the arterial wall (cholesterol ester) is accumulated.
In the treatment of diabetes, prevention of damage caused by active oxygen is also important. Diabetics are susceptible to the damage from the non-patient, also because there is a possibility that the health of the body is inhibited for a long time.
Lowering of blood glucose levels, proper maintenance of cholesterol levels, such as the prevention of diabetes symptoms, the swift moth caterpillar Natsukusa having a number of efficacy, we can say one of the main natural agents in the treatment of diabetes and complications. The conventional pharmaceutical, effective ones do not see quite a wide range of symptoms in up to about this. In recent years, in addition to the stabilization of blood sugar levels, treatment for the purpose of protection of the heart and circulatory system, so are beginning to be recognized as the final treatment of related symptoms and diabetes, it should also be noted in this regard.
Mushroom called Coriolus versicolor (Kumoshiba) has also been known as an effective herbal medicine for the treatment of diabetes and complications. Coriolus versicolor is particularly strong serve to counter the active oxygen, it is possible to prevent the damage caused by blood lipids, shows the effect on the delay of the prevention and progression of atherosclerosis.
Damage caused by the fat in the blood, has been deeply involved in the occurrence of harmful cells called foam cells that cause arteriosclerosis. Complications of diabetes and circulatory system, the But often damage the immune cells called macrophages, the Coriolus versicolor polysaccharide extract has the effect to prevent these immune cells are hurt.
More Coriolus versicolor, to adjust the immune system, and also works to enhance its functionality. Diabetic patients susceptible to various diseases than non-patient, also more difficult to treat when you attack, you tend to mortality is also high. Thus, this effect of Coriolus versicolor, we can say that it’s more useful for diabetic patients.
Medical effect of Coriolus versicolor is also useful in the treatment of inflammatory disease which is caused due to diabetes. Inflammatory reaction of poor control, in particular, will increase the likelihood of developing or worsening the symptoms of diabetes. Coriolus versicolor controls inflammation caused by lipid peroxidation reactions, by enhancing the immune function, as well shows the effect in the treatment of diabetes, short and effective in the treatment of a disease in the long term.
Besides elevation of blood sugar level, a problem that occurs in association with diabetes mellitus, and are two include cardiovascular diseases and peripheral neuropathies. Diabetes patients, regardless of the non-patient, for the protection of delicate cardiovascular and nervous system, helps the grape seed extract and vitamin C.
Because of the high risk of diabetic cardiovascular disease, increasing the intake of antioxidants, it should be adequately taken supplements to maintain healthy cellular function. In the research on grape seed extract, patients with coronary artery disease, dyslipidemia (hyperlipidemia) patients, in healthy subjects both, improvement of circulation capacity was seen. The “proanthocyanidin” the components contained in the grape seeds, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-oxidant, such as cardioprotective, biological, can be expected pharmacological effects.
The grape seed, also has become clear that there is a powerful and extensive anti-oxidation action. Indeed, 60-70% of diabetic patients, due to the occurrence of neuralgia and nerve abnormalities, has been plagued by significant decrease in quality of life. Nervous system is especially susceptible to damage of active oxygen in the normal course, since further nervous system if you are suffering from diabetes has been weakened, antioxidant effect of grape seed who will protect it is very useful.
The US medical magazine, issued in 2005 “Neuroscience Letters” (Neuroscience Letters), a protein constituting the body tissue by the active oxygen, DNA, damage lipids, reported that can lead to the death of the cell are we.
The importance of maintaining a sufficient antioxidants to neural tissue, was published in the US medical journal, which was published in 2005, “International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience” (International Journal of Developmental Mental Neuroscience) also you can read from the following article.
Antioxidants accumulated in “neural tissue, in the rise and changes in cell metabolism of blood sugar found in. Diabetic patients may help the prevention or treatment of oxidative damage, antioxidant with the grape seed extract There, not only help to protect the circulatory system and the nervous system, the brain by active oxygen, liver, also reduces damage to the gastrointestinal tract. ”
Furthermore, in 2005 conducted another study, in addition to grape seed extract, by ingesting the supplement of vitamin C, was decreased was observed in the blood glycosylated hemoglobin in a diabetic patient. By this result, the grape seed extract, along with delaying the onset of diabetes complications, it has been concluded that there is an effect of anti-diabetic to protect the beta cells of the pancreas that secrete insulin.


In the treatment of diabetes, along with the improvement of diet and lifestyle, and by incorporating herbal medicines might be capable of reducing the dose of conventional therapeutic agents. Also, according to statistics, comparing the case of not incorporating the case of incorporating the supplemental natural remedies, those in the case of incorporating an auxiliary therapy and he has the result that the condition is good. If you have diabetes, please determine the treatment plan in consultation well with the attending physician.

Plant drugs, lowering of blood glucose and cholesterol levels, and effective in suppression of damage caused by active oxygen caused by the rise of blood sugar levels, helps the long-term stability of the diabetic patients.
By slowing the progression of atherosclerosis and general aging resulting from diabetes, you can protect the microcirculation. In the treatment of diabetes, protection of microcirculation is an important item along with normalization of blood glucose levels.
Herbal medicines that you mention in this article is not the relief of symptoms is what the patient intended for general health improvement, it was aimed to introduce an effective way.
Diabetes, is because there is often not appear subjective symptoms in the early stage early detection is difficult to cause yet various complications disease. However, symptoms of the disease, in addition to the conventional methods, it sends a healthy diet and lifestyle are treatable by incorporating an auxiliary manner. Depending on diet and lifestyle, in addition to unnecessary pain and suffering, economic burden might become a reasonable amount. Only in this year, for the treatment of diabetic patients living in the United States and Canada, only direct medical costs, it has been spent also the amount of money more than $ 100 billion. In addition, $ 40 billion, failure, loss of work, it has been devoted to early death.

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History of Japanese soup

Dashi’s roots date back to the Jomon period. Nowadays, I was born a technique simmer the wild grass and tree nuts.
In addition, the development of pottery, can now eat also boiled fish and meat.
In the broth, we’ve discovered that merges delicious ingredients.
The broth has tried to use the It is believed that it is the origin of the “soup”.
Then, 7-8 century, bonito and kelp has emerged.
Which was scraped what was dried and boiled bonito will be dried bonito.
Dried bonito of became like now, it is the early Edo period from the Warring States period.
Tosa lord, Tokugawa Ieyasu, a record that was conceded the 1000 pieces of dried bonito as a celebration of Osaka winter camp has been left behind.
Kelp, anchovy also spread across the country, “soup culture” was flowering in the Edo era.
In 1643, cooking story was teaching how to take of dried bonito is published, dried bonito and kelp has been used as a material.
“Soup” has been established as a food culture, as well as dissemination and expansion, mainly look like kelp is used in the Kanto, even more complex locality was born.
big reason that a wide variety of ingredients and seasonings built a variety of soup culture is the food of the locality.
Land, of Japan is elongated from north to south, the sea, the mountains, the rich natural village and facial expression has spread. Since the climate also vary by region, food that is used is also different.
In addition, the distribution of food, intertwined and preference of lifestyle and taste of the land, I issued that are used have been different.
Another is the wide variety of seasonings rooted in the region that are complicating the “soup of culture”.
Japanese will be the seasoned with broth and seasoning, but in the seasonings, miso and soy sauce and preferences of taste depending on the region, there is a difference how to make, to the material.
Soy sauce “Koikuchi, light soy, reservoir, re-charged, white” are classified into. Miso can be divided into more complex and “rice, wheat, beans,” three types.
In addition, you can broadly divided into nine when even multiplying kind of taste and color. For example, is “Shinshu miso” is light-colored dry miso of rice miso, “Saikyo miso” is sweet white miso rice miso.
The combination of ingredients and seasonings, I Naru variety in various parts of Japan “soup culture” was probability.
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Eastern Japan(東日本)

Udon is a rich flavor that has dominated the soup of dried bonito and kelp soup.
Buckwheat is  the soup of bonito, soup of the combined soy sauce and sugar.

 Western Japan(西日本)

Udon finished with the pale mouth soy sauce to suit the soup of kelp, 
dried bonito, anchovy-Zatsu-bushi soup.
Buckwheat is  the soup of  based on the dried bonito,
It is  the soup of dried sardine, kelp, tasty Tasteful  with soy sauce.
 ※東日本のほうが味は濃いめです。Eastern Japan is a rich taste.
  ※西日本のほうが味は甘めです。Western Japan  is a sweet taste.

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Thinking correlation diagram of The Ant and the Grasshopper

Please see below for details.


Ants is shown in this figure, among the single frame, it represents that try to solve the problem.
Grasshopper is not caught in the thing called frame, represents that you are trying to solve the problem.

Thinking of the case of Ali, in order to consider the problem to be in front of the eyes, I try Michibikidaso clearly black or white answer. If you think in the specific field of view, it means of, part of, true is embodied.
If you replace the IT term, and will result in a digitized thinking. This is because, variable numbers thing that digital has been decided. If the analogy clearly, it is because can not be changed variable numbers of 1 + 1 = 2.

Meanwhile, thinking grasshopper, rather than considering the problem against the front of the eye, to consider in connection to the future in front of the problem is not white or black answers itself does not exist. You try to solve the problem by circumstances at that time. If you think in a concrete field of view, the purpose of the overall reduction, abstraction applies. If you replace the IT term, it will analog thinking. This is because, it does not have fixed variable numbers thing called analog. It is variable in normal numbers, the place is a 1 + 1 = 2, because can cause also changed to -1 to 4 to 3.

So, let’s consider also the dimension.

What is the dimension in the first place? I explained in easy because I think there is also Those who have questioned me. There is also a physical professional implications, but dimension to say here is, represents the views and ideas of things.
In the case of Ali tries to Michibikidaso the answer in white or black is a (digital brain). In other words, if you that there is one of the frame, it becomes a two-dimensional because it tries to solve the problem in the frame. The reason is because there is only vertical and horizontal direction in a two-dimensional.
On the other hand, it is there is no black or white answer itself in the case of the grasshopper, and since it is free to change the answer in the context of that time (analog brain). In other words, even as there is one of the frame, it becomes a three-dimensional because it does not solve the problem in the frame. This is because, in the three-dimensional because there is vertical and horizontal direction and height, using its height, it is the idea to say that would jump over the frame itself.

Future public pension also, in aging progresses, the burden of the younger generation to support the elderly will increase. Children born from now already, pension system itself, has become a situation that should not be cry and Ika live in the framework of the system that has become the Ponzi scheme. The government is also in the last resort, but we put the focus on that to somehow survive the pension system, such as tenure elderly pension system, it is not a two-dimensional thinking to try to resolve the things in the frame as a result speaking and pension plans. Itself will become a thing funny that survive the two-dimensional income mercenary.
If it, we may have to pour their efforts in creating a revenue of three-dimensional jump over the framework of pension it is important.
Able to make such era, resulting in national burden be reduced, and I think one person people is not to be able to govern the world in a stable manner?
ビジネス向け Google 翻訳:翻訳者ツールキットウェブサイト翻訳ツールグローバル マーケット ファインダー

It person is a complete digital brain.

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The entrance of the four-dimensional space!?

The 4K, Simply put, HD (high definition), full HD (full high definition) or more high resolution. The number of pixels of the current mainstream of full high definition, in the lateral (horizontal pixels) 1920 × vertical (vertical pixels) 1080, although 2.0736 million is the total vertical and horizontal, 4K, the total 8.2944 million in horizontal 3840 × vertical 2160. In other words, it is that is four times the number of pixels of full HD. Since the area of ​​the more per pixel become large screen becomes larger, there was a problem that roughness of the pixel is noticeable. However, in the 4K, it is possible to reproduce beautifully, such as scenes and black thing at night that could not draw in high-definition video. The video that has been seen casually until now also I think in can experience the new excitement.

In recent years, ① ※ It seems Pioneer has developed a technology for three-dimensional representation of this 4K video. If you accustomed to as 4K video can ② appeared in the air ※ augmented reality (AR), will we just made to be realized as a reality the SF had seen in a movie theater.

2016-01-12_020002① ※ Pioneer Corporation, headquartered in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, is a Japanese electronics manufacturer. TSE 6773 Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture founder: Matsumoto Nozomu Founded: 1938, Tokyo

② The ※ augmented reality (AR) Augmented Reality, and techniques a person extends the real environment to perceive computer, it is to add the information from the computer for the things in the real world. By adding a “something” in the real world, and a technique of presenting a real more information in front of those including environmental (extended) itself represented by that technique is AR.


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South China Sea issue

Own opinion of hymisoshiru

China’s claim is not internationally accepted.It is a good interpretation of convenience for themselves.It is japan of old days,it is because there is a period that was enthusiastic and chanting YOSHITUNEGenghis Khan theory.Excessive behavior,a result, we have received the most miserable retaliation.And we’ve noticed the first time mistakes.

Tactics of Sun Tzu is to fight so as not to fight.Even as I was using the tactics of Sun Tzu,if eventually there is a death,departing from the tactics of Sun Tzu. It all is naught.To not do so also,the self-control to each other,everyone must focus on compromise.

And if everyone can not run,It will lose the creativity and vitality of the people.

Since the TPP has the economic partnership that lead to strengthening of security, there is a large sense.


The sprinkle of magic to for more delicious rice!!

Sun Tzu


Rabies is a terrible disease

In general, many cases of infectious virus along with the saliva from scratches bite of an infected animal, there is a high risk even if that licked the mucosal area, such as wound and the eyes, lips. Rabies virus has become all of the infected in a mammal, source of infection most wild animals source of infection other than cats and dogs is a dog to humans, including humans.

Typically, but not be transmitted from person to person, there are cases of infection to a recipient (transplant patients) with corneal transplants or organ transplants.

The incubation period varies greatly by site of the bite. Rabies virus which has entered from the bite is said that several ten millimeters from a few millimeters to the speed of arrival ill to but that infects nerve tissues day via the nervous system. Therefore those who are bitten toes than is bite the face it is possible to make the number of days of treatment after the bite. The more wound close to the brain tissue incubation period is short, about two weeks. A few months or more in the distal portion, there is also a record of two years.

Other symptoms similar to the common cold in the prodromal phase, bite portion of the bite site skin discomfort such as “itching” and “flickering” even though it has already been healed, it is heat sensation Nadogami. Feeling of anxiety in the acute phase, hydrophobia shape (swallowing muscle spasm by swallowing of liquid such as water, to feel a strong pain, symptoms that become extremely afraid of water), Kowa-fu-sho (hypersensitivity to the movement of the wind Symptoms indicating a gesture, such as reaction to avoid in), irritability, paralysis, but appears nervous symptoms such as mental confusion, consciousness because brain cells are not destroyed is the clarity. Also, tendon reflexes, enhanced pupillary (to react sensitively to sunlight, so avoid this) is also seen. Causing the muscles of the cranial nerve and systemic paralysis in 7 days after the two days, to death by respiratory failure.

In addition, typical hydrophobia shape or encephalitis symptoms are not, there is also a case where the transition from the first to the paralysis state. In that case, the diagnosis such as struggling to distinguish from neurological diseases such as viral encephalitis and Guillain-Barre syndrome is extremely difficult. Hydrophobia shape, because it feels the fear even if thirsty in water, animals and human suffering are many.

Diagnostic method detection of viral antigen by “fluorescent antibody (FA) method”, detection of viral genes by “RT-PCR method”, virus isolation, serum reaction is carried out by such as an antibody titer measured by ELISA, infection early antemortem diagnosis difficult.


Rabies patients
Excluding the successful cases of experimental treatments, not almost surely leads to death, and established treatment when it is developed without being vaccinated. In October 2004 the remaining survivors to record up to previously only only 5 people, it had been vaccinated before any develop. October 2004, 15-year-old girl there is a case which was restored after the onset of rabies in the United States of America Wisconsin. It is the sixth of cases recovered after the onset, there is also the first survivors who recovered without vaccination. Treatment took place at this time is called the Milwaukee protocol (Milwaukee protocol), actually has several people alive, it has been expected as a therapeutic method, also dead cases is not enough to recover many (this viability be used is about 10%), also is a current situation that sequelae remain such even paralysis as survived, is a research and developing. There is still a case that led to the recovery of what has continued to treatment this treatment by the 10-year-old American girl, also in October 2008, Brazil Pernambuco of 16-year-old boy by the difficulties and speech difficulty walking in recent years .

Along with the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) as “the most lethal rate is high disease”, it has been recorded in the Guinness world record.

The human personality can be seen in the dog walk! !











2015-12-29_120501 2015-12-29_121741

飼い主さん必見!ヒトと犬・ヒトと猫の生活情報誌Dog of feelings, of cat feelings information magazine【いぬのきもち・ねこのきもち】



  1. 狂犬病の予防注射や混合ワクチンの接種を受けておくのが常識です。
  2. トイレマーカーが設置されているところも多いが、できれば事前にトイレにすませておく。
  3. 他の犬に無断で食べ物を与えない。
  4. 攻撃性の強い性質がある犬は、周りの犬たちに迷惑かけるので、ドックランのなかでもリードをつけたまま様子をみることは必要かもしれないです。
  5. 発情期のメス犬は入場禁止です。一匹いるだけで、半径2キロ以内にいるすべてのオス犬が、そのにおいに反応して興奮してしまいます。



Love is very important! ! This video has a very love.



とても悲しい事件ですね。↓↓゜(´Д`)゜。↓↓Very sad incident

threw the emaciated dog on cliff 衰弱した犬を崖に投げ捨て 投稿者 samthavasa

I’m not thing! ! I feel pleasure or pain.