Bretton Woods is the ringleader that accelerated the [forced] by the name of globalization.

The history of the system that multinational companies plunged in the world to to spread the red tag confusion exploit the nation-state in the war business

Currently, dollars was to establish the economic system of the world to an international settlement currency (base currency) is an international was held in the United States in World War II the end of 1944, “Bretton Woods Conference”. Bretton Woods system that has been defined in this conference has established the dollar as the international settlement currency, is pegged at a constant of a fixed exchange rate all major currencies to the dollar in the world (the West), the dollar will lead to gold at $ 35 an ounce fixed price of it was a “quasi-gold standard.” As an organization that emergency loans to countries that are no longer able to maintain the peg, IMF (International Monetary Fund) has been made.

Bretton Woods system in 1971, continued until the US government of the Nixon administration declared the exchange stop the dollar and gold, “Nixon shock”, has generally been said that it was the “ideal international currency regime”. However, this is propaganda. In fact, Bretton Woods system did not barely function from the start.

Immediately after World War II that the Bretton Woods system has been established, the majority of the world’s wealth was gathered in the United States. Until then Europe was the center of the world will be destroyed in two degrees of War II, industrial production facilities are broken, was also almost exhausted gold reserves. Japan was the powerhouse of Asia was also collapse in defeat. Half the United States, through between two times of war and its, grossed continue to export and industrial products in Europe. At the time of the world is the gold standard, gold was used in trade settlement. At the time of the end of World War II, 80% of the gold reserves of the world is the United States had.

Under this situation, the world has switched to the Bretton Woods system to a trade settlement currency the dollar. But, many of the world’s gold and industrial facilities are gathered in the United States, under a system in which the currency of the United States is used as a trade settlement currency of the world, countries other than the United States, such as Europe, nothing because the money is also no industrial facilities America there is no one to sell to, could not be imported because it does not get a dollar. Regime in 1947 after three years began, the Bretton Woods system was found to be useless in the world of trade promotion and economic development.

Gathering the majority of the world’s wealth is in the United States, given the situation that industrial production had developed than other countries, certainly in hand to $ other countries to export, think about the dollar in the world flows Hateful. Whether the United States is what was?
And the dollar to trade settlement currency is to develop the world economy, there is a need to increase the amount of dollars circulating in the world outside the United States. In order to flow the dollar abroad, the United States is deliberately increase the import and economic aid, had to be a balance of payments deficit.

To solve this problem, first to the United States has done is, the “Cold War” in the just started just at that time was an excuse, was a generous good to Western countries “economic assistance”. Its representative, huge amount of economic aid “Marshall Plan” (European Recovery Program, 1947 – 51 years) for the Western European countries are, the Korean War against Japan – the military special demand and of the time (1950 1953), Sony and Toyota is a technology provider to the Japanese manufacturers, such as. “In order to prevent the European and communism of Japan, huge amount of economic assistance I need from the United States’ explanation that has been devised.

Immediately after the end of World War II from 1945 to 1947, Britain and the United States is such that Germany was the enemy is not to revive the national power, the upper limit provided in the production volume of the major mining and manufacturing, had inhibited economic growth. However, this deterrence policy is obsolete to machine the introduction of the Marshall Plan, the policy is converted 180 degrees, very generous economic aid to Germany, technical assistance has been started.

Marshall Plan, which was started by the declarative speech by US Secretary of State George Marshall has issued in 1947, heard a speech made at Harvard University, European journalists are at the center, Europe, in particular the United Kingdom in was reported in a big way, but has not been much reported in the United States in the media. White House this day, held a press conference of President Truman, looked away in the domestic media. The was so as not to know in the United States, from the Congress and public opinion, been criticized for wasting the largess of foreign aid, it is because there is a possibility that crushed the plan.

Since the 1950s, Germany and Japan, economic aid and technical assistance from the United States, rapidly restore the economic strength by the huge amount of purchase, increasing the exports to the United States, increasing the dollar stockpile. The US government also, the Cold War to increase the defense budget of the country as an excuse, put the US military bases around the world, earnestly use the stationing costs abroad. American balance of payments was a big surplus at the time of the end of the war, now in deficit in 1958, then increased imports from, such as Japan and Germany, the current account was also in the red.

The United States is to expand the deficit, thanks to drained the dollar in the world, the world economy is growing, trade volume has been continues to grow, become badly is printing too much state of the dollar at the same time, has occurred rise of inflation and gold price . Bretton Woods system in the gold $ 35 an ounce of the fixed exchange rate system, in order to maintain the exchange rate, but needed a rule to be kept to issue the amount of within the limits commensurate with the dollar in the United States of gold holdings, in fact dollar issue amount of regulation was nothing. The dollar continues to be reprinted greatly exceeds the amount commensurate with the American gold holdings, the London gold market (free market) is, in the 1960s and rose by more than one ounce $ 40.

Governments, instead of the gold brought the hand of dollars to the US government, was it in a state where profitable if sold in London. Poverty, but the United States had pointed a nail so as not to place a dollar to such Japan and Germany to the gold, which is called in addition to spending significant increase in the Vietnam War from 1965, “the great social programs” in the United States (Great Society programs) in such spending measures, it was spurred to $ reprint of the US government. The current account deficit will increase, not stop even outflow of gold from the United States, finally in 1971, the US government is ready to only 22% worth of the dollar total issuance does not possess gold, and President Nixon is gold and the dollar declare the exchange stop of causing the “Nixon shock”, was the demise of the Bretton Woods system.

American situation before the Nixon shock is similar to the now of the United States of the situation. At the time, occurred credit uncertainty of the dollar by the largess of the Vietnam war and financial, “multi-polar” world of the political system such as the 1972 Nixon visit to China has been promoted. Now and Iraq war, is carried out financial largess, such as counter-terrorism, hurricane damage restoration costs, occur credit uncertainty of the dollar, Russia and the rise of China at the same time the United States has accepted, in the world of multi-polarization is promoted there. History has been repeated. Some day, “Bush shock” is issued might be close in relation to the dollar.

America is, why, what took the reserve currency system until the current account into deficit? And what is behind them is hiding What structure?
For this, is as article of 2007 11/23 of this blog “war → or dollar fall by the dollar fall? A financial operation by the self-defeating? (Hongo-san)”.
The collapse of the British pound, which became the first of the reserve currency, as the current US dollars of decay processes, in addition to be due to inevitable structure of the key currency collapse, is that it was working is another force behind .
In other words, in the Bretton Woods system, the transition to the dollar from the pounds of reserve currency, not hegemony has moved to the United States to simply collapse hegemon the United Kingdom, for the United Kingdom to maintain the hegemony, a system that utilizes the United States It means that made was.
And, this was orchestrated in the back is the financial capitalists = moneylender.
Financial capitalists, plunged the time of hegemony United Kingdom to war twice, tried to Nigiro a more rock-solid hegemony by using the following hegemon America (US and British-centric). And, it will be considered and its center was a Rothschild.
Is about the power relationship between the Rockefeller that was holding the American capital, but, at that time, Rockefeller might have been in cooperation become the minions of Rothschild.
But now, travels through the collapse of the dollar, it seems to be the idea of the Rothschild and Rockefeller difference has appeared.
Regardless of the American hegemony, Rockefeller with a different from to multipolarity ideology thought the Rothschild of the above, buying up the cash, such as crude oil and food, we are trying very direct the dollar in the direction of the collapse.
On the other hand, if you try to somehow prevent the current dollar collapse, the running using the mass media, it will essentially be thought of as Rothschild with the US and British central ideology.


If you do not look at first everyone – his feet also, I will be scooped feet ~
Everybody and his dog …

I further read too much into the organization in the organization in the Japanese do and not think also that you are also guys that you want to the war. Problem is I think Who will benefit to the every such conflict than Toka if Senkaku. Chinese Communist Party of the roots is probably the European Rothschilds who is at the same collusion in the Qing Dynasty of the betrayal of one’s own country thought there is a strong connection in the back. Even if it sees only in China I do not think I can see through the essence.



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