People to talk about the economics is a sheep wolf boy has been brainwashed !?

In the modern world it has been concerned about a strong economic crisis in Europe. But after the war, the world economic crisis had occurred puppet-back. The United States (the European Rothschilds) is when the [World War I and World War II] war planted the end, are supposed to greet the “golden age”. They butchery the whole world in the plot [world war], the next is to make money in the reconstruction business. It was manipulated by the devil the United States has become a “devil nation”. What was that of whether the World War II. It was a foundation be exploitation from developing countries. In other words, abuse of buying power and resources of the developing countries in the thoroughly cheap price, by processing it sell high to the world. Speaking extreme, sale prices hundred raw materials is zero. It stands to reason that lucrative. In this way the United States is had entered a new golden age. If added to say, this is also a thing was doing the developed countries are a total of post-war world. Developed countries to exploit development in developing countries in the post-war world. And here, the US central bank FRB comes appeared. The United States will pay in the [mere piece of paper to paper = European Rothschilds the US central bank FRB has been printing has been arbitrarily print] the resources purchase price of less developed countries the United States dollar. In addition, development in developing countries aimed at economic development borrow the money from the United States. Dollar all over the world going out in this iteration. In this way it will be the post-war world is sown [US dollar] Gabala. The post-war world economy’s What [counterfeit economy] from the beginning. The post-war world economy large development it was a fantasy from the beginning, but the foundation is here. The post-war world is had to the economic activity in the run-around the [counterfeit]. And it is the same even in the modern 21st century. Modern world economy is he a [counterfeit world economy]. Under these circumstances, repeat [economic crisis] has occurred in the post-war world. However, the Japanese people are carried away in the fantasy of the Japanese economy large development, was not aware of it.
Mechanisms of the world economic crisis is a as follows. In other words, we borrowed the money to the US FRB nation is bankrupt and does not return the money. Money is not returned to the side which lent at the same time. This is a big problem. [Economic crisis] is repeated in the post-war world in this mechanism occurs. However, the European Rothschilds would not mind not come back the lent money. Originally it’s because “a piece of paper that my colleagues were arbitrarily Print”. It is sufficient if necessary print.
Their aim is to destabilize the world economic situation. Earth People’s domination is facilitated if so. At the same time in the economic crisis, but that because there’s purpose to take over the state and the company.
In the 21st century modern it is exactly the same mechanism is also the Greek crisis. When the nation that borrowed money can not to repay the debt the world will become one [economic crisis]. Japan now ※ is is Greece and reverse a state in which the loan I lay also state you are buying the money [US dollar].
Here lists the major economic crisis in the post-Second World War.
★ 1960’s = repeat [economic crisis] is at a global level has occurred
In the world of the Second World War of the mess has settled down the 1960s, repeated economic crisis has occurred in Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America countries. Why? This is so, the fundamental reason is [mere piece of paper is Earth ruling class was arbitrarily printing is a So the identity of the world’s key currency = US dollar.
★ 1970’s = the world economy was facing a [huge crisis]
August 15, 1971, [the dollar] shock in the United States has occurred. At this time, the United States dollar is disconnected the link with gold, it became a “mere scrap of paper” to the truth. But the world reserve currency even then is a US dollar. Modern world economy, there is only referred to as “running on a piece of paper in the world.” At the same time in the 1970s, “two oil shock” has occurred in the United States Rothschilds of the plot (1973, 1978). And ordinary Earth people suffered.
★ 1980’s = the world economy had entered a “global recession”
World reserve currency = US dollar is “just a piece of paper”. The world of the 1980s in this trick of the structure had to rush to the “recession”. We were facing a global economic crisis. 1980s Latin America has been referred to as the “lost decade”. Mexico is also the Brazilian economic situation is not helpless. In 1982, “Mexico debt crisis” has occurred. Mexico was forced to the brink of bankruptcy (national bankruptcy). It has spread to quickly thirty several countries. At the same time the United States economy is in the “twin deficits” [financial deficit + trade deficit], can not do anything. Under such circumstances, Japan is the bubble economy was planted. Japan’s money flows to the United States, further flows in the world. In this way the world has weathered the economic crisis. Japan’s bubble economy in the 1980s, it can be said that “was a sacrifice to save the world economic crisis.” If further read too much into, and perhaps to write off all causing the war in the 1960s of the Cuban Missile Crisis, as a result of scenarios that make money in the war business has been broken down, will the world economic crisis has spread to the entire world and bloated. Come to and from Japan’s perspective, it may be said that he had to suppress war become a sacrifice. If think so Japan might also say that the kingdom of God.
After the war the world economy is a “counterfeit world economy”, repeat “economic crisis” has occurred, in that. That is behind there were US central bank FRB. They plated rose a mere piece of paper = US dollars around the world, the world economy had always faced “economic crisis”. The after the Second World War, it is present on top of the palm of the US central bank FRB. They are the world economy simply by manipulating the interest rate is moved. Earth people to be danced to it, was “stupid livestock animals that have the breath painfully than in the counterfeit world economy”. This is exactly what [the identity of the world].
The words of the wise

Third President of the United States. Thomas Jefferson is the Founding Fathers of the United States



1801, Thomas Jefferson with a distrust for the central bank was appointed as the third president.

Jefferson has said in a letter to Albert Gallatin was Secretary of the Treasury.
“I System of Central Banks believe from the bottom of my heart to be dangerous than standing army took to our freedom. If the American people, first by inflation, then by deflation private banks of their currencies if there are things like allow you to manipulate the issue, banks and companies to go overweight in around them will continue to deprive all the property possessed by the people. (snip) regained the issuance rights of currency from the banks, the must be returned to the public is a legitimate owner. “
Jefferson in the text has been using the term inflation and deflation, but inflation is an abbreviation of inflation, meaning that expansion. Deflation and is an abbreviation of deflation, is the sense of contraction. Inflation continued rise in the general price level is now, deflation has been used as an ongoing decline in the general price level, but it is not just the result. Credit is the better the economy since hit the community a lot of money = expand, we demand exceeds the supply prices to rise. Credit contracts = economy becomes worse if less money, not sell and do not cheap price. So I prices are going to decline. Jefferson Bank is intentionally manipulates the credit creation amount, to know that you are doing a = wool hunting to deprive the property from the public, it I have warned that it is more dangerous than the military. Also in front of the Jefferson 200 years warning it has not been utilized to date. The first US Bank of the United States is the bank that has been authorized by Congress, because it was the authorized period is 20 years, Jefferson did not recognize the update of the official, was closed in 1811.


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