The important factors that move the modern world situation

Important point on East Asia situation is a China and North Korea. Whether it was able to time?

Israel was founded in May Middle East 1948

In East Asia in September 1948, North Korea (North Korea) was founded

China in East Asia October 1948 (People’s Republic of China) was founded

China and North Korea is modern, being built at the same time as the Jewish state of Israel. Its meaning is whether such mean by that. Behind the Israel construction, there is a global ruling class ※. They founded the Jewish state of Israel in order to ignite the situation in the Middle East. At the same China and North Korea in the same way as has been founded in order to cause the East Asian war of the 21st century.

※ Earth ruling class of the power structure

① higher power layer Europe

Vatican (the head temple of the Catholic-Christian)

European royalty, aristocracy (Habsburg, Savoy House, Taxis house, House of Windsor, the British royal family)

Jewish conglomerates (bearing house, Warburg family, Oppenheimer family, the Rothschilds)

② middle power layer United States

The United States of large conglomerates (international financial capitalists)

The Rockefeller family, Morgan house, melon house, DuPont family, Vanderbilt build the house, Astor House, the Guggenheim family, Harriman House, Cargill family, Woolworth House, Carnegie House, Ford House

Details name of power organization

300 people committee, island of the club, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, Skull & Bones, the Jewish underground government (Sanhedrin), black nobility, etc

Institution name of power organization

United Nations, World Bank, IMF, BIS, Club of Rome, the Round Table conference, RIIA, CFR, the US and Europe committee day, builder Burgers, FRB, CIA, foundations, multinational corporations, the media, etc

③ lower power layer governments

④ layer of grass-roots over 70 billion people our general of the Earth people of

1, 945 August, was defeated in our country (Japan) two days US war (Greater East Asia War). Since then, the Japanese public has seen only the United States, but do not unless spread the field of view in a little more world. It is on the top floor of the modern world there is a Europe world. America is located below it. When this is not known, we will misjudge the analysis of world affairs.

12 May 1991, enemy the Soviet Union in the Cold War collapsed, and although modern America is off a high-spirited and [the only super power in the world], the entity is not only to subcontractors of Europe Corporation. By following the history the United States is a country that made the outlaw of the European world. Even the past founding more than 200 years, the up and down relationship does not change. And in its surroundings, various populations (conspiracy population) exists.

To decipher the modern world situation is, do not know even if looking at the only East Asia. To keep track of the foundation should not and does not recognize the three important factor is their SCAP. The important factor is as follows.

Trends of ①EU the world economic crisis that starting from the (European Union) (global financial crisis)

② upheaval of the Islamic countries from the Middle East revolution (North Africa + Middle East revolution)

③ Jewish state of Israel and the Islamic state of trends

From, of course Japan’s position, it can not be ignored as well as China and North Korea of the situation. However, China and North Korea to shake the East Asian situation is not only in [possession of the planet ruling class]. In order to think about the East Asia of the future of the truth it is, must be staring at the owner. In, What is the common point of the three important factor? It is that it’s happening in the [monotheistic world]. Does the religion generally of Japanese will not than many people so there is no interest. You might have thought even a thing may not even such a thing. But this is not the case at the world level. The world and Japan is a [another of the universe]. The fact that three of the important factors that move the modern world situation is all [monotheistic world events] is, is behind them is this that [there is a religion (religious world)]. We are but I think the modern world from the economic point of view, but So it is not possible to read the world the truth. This is because the economy is, in the view from the entire human activities not only in the Appendix. Economics is not an academic (bona fide academic). Economics is a false academic Earth ruling class has raised apprentice. Behind the Marx who wrote the [Capital] and Adam Smith scratched his [Wealth of Nations] there is a global ruling class. Economics is not only a tool for the global ruling class is fool the earth people. I think that people in the modern Japanese is that [God take away the (deprived)] does not come to either pin To mean what in the human world there are many. However, it’s always occur even in the modern world. In other words it is the fact that [the human take away the spirit, belief, freedom].

In the ancient world rob God = In the modern world [take away the spirit = belief = freedom of human beings] that

We must understand instead of reading the historical facts of the past to the modern world level. Otherwise to what is happening in (substantially) repeat the same event, you do not notice that. And repeatedly meet in the same eye. It is a very stupid thing. For example, many of the Japanese living in the modern world is, believe globalization (world capitalism) is the thing right unconditionally. But it is, residents of the Japanese archipelago, which has seriously alive, I such that [is pressed against the new God] from the earth ruling class.

Modern world (economic) situation is being moved by the earth ruling class. The thing is do not confuse. From the standpoint of the global ruling class, the general of the Earth people is the same recognition and confined in a cage livestock. It is possible to cook at any time in any way. Shatters the cage that we can not see, and in order to solve the iron chain invisible tie the body, must be exposed a large conspiracy that they launch in perspective the deep ocean currents of the modern world affairs under the anyhow broad daylight . Lowering the Ryuin in such occupation demo do not know the world of the truth is, after all I could would be available to them.





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