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What is the United Nations Security Council?

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Yes, it is the purpose to keep the world’s security and peace. Permanent member of the Security Council five countries (the United States, China, United Kingdom, Russia, France) and are formed of a non-permanent member of the Security Council 10 countries. Non-permanent member of the Security Council is, will be selected in two or more of the support-thirds of the member countries to attend, vote in the General Assembly. Term of office will be elected the half of every year in the two years. Japan has been selected as a non-permanent member of the Security Council at this time, it will be the world’s largest number of 11th.

Why Japan is not a a permanent member of the Security Council?

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Yes, the United Nations, the five countries that won the Second World War has become a center, was designed to take the initiative of the post-war world. So, permanent members of the Security Council is formed by five countries, other countries will be in a non-permanent member of the Security Council. as the rules in the United Nations Charter in the United Nations is not amended, it can not be.

What to specifically? 

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Yes, the development of nuclear weapons or chemical and biological weapons. Genocide, human rights violations to the public, such as violence. Invasion and conflict to other countries. To threaten the peace of the world by such acts, first tells the country to resolve by peaceful means (condemnation statement). If you do not also been improved to tell, to say that enforcement measures and measures with a compelling force of up to economic sanctions and military action approval. For a resolution of the Security Council caused the obligation to all Member States to follow, Council (permanent, non-permanent) 15 countries of the will have a significant impact force than a normal member countries. We resolved to ※ economic sanctions against Iran in the recent enforcement measures. Because in the case of Iran, which is separate from the United States and Europe and the United Nations has its own sanctions, Iran was economically isolated restricted the export of crude oil. Troubled Iran agreed to last year (2015 years) conditions that do not advance the nuclear development.

※ The economic sanctions to stop the economic exchanges and trade, that the country is put someone in a situation like trouble economically.

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How resolution is determined ?
Yes, one of the Council 15 countries, a resolution if at least nine countries are in favor will be approved. However, it not approved to be opposite in one country in the five countries of the permanent members of the Security Council. This will be the exercise of the veto ※. In recent years, in the civil war that took place in Syria and Ukraine, hit the speculation of the country, the Security Council was unable to support and cooperation.
※ It is the right given to the permanent member of the Security Council with veto power. Even in 5 or one country out of the country will be able to interfere with the resolution met with the opposition.

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What are japan thinking about ?

Yes, Japan has been paying a lot of expenses for the United Nations. Non-permanent Council will also be the world’s largest in the 11 th time this time. At the same time as that appeal to become a permanent member of the Security Council, or can be made to recognize that it is how precious present to the world is important. You can advance the reform debate in the two years of the term of office will be the key.
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Okay? Me? Frankly, [it is the maintenance of peace.】 However, it has been extremely confusion today in disarray complex of religious issues and cultural issues, as is one of the means to solve the problem, I think  hanging on how to solve the poverty problem. Each country of the NGO in cooperation, each person citizen, that the best use of there is no border frame the Internet, or will be the cooperation in humanitarian assistance, even a little,  a first step first? It is that of all responsible for the necessary action in order to live up to the human mental thing from things material.

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I did connected the continent.

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