South China Sea issue

Own opinion of hymisoshiru

China’s claim is not internationally accepted.It is a good interpretation of convenience for themselves.It is japan of old days,it is because there is a period that was enthusiastic and chanting YOSHITUNEGenghis Khan theory.Excessive behavior,a result, we have received the most miserable retaliation.And we’ve noticed the first time mistakes.

Tactics of Sun Tzu is to fight so as not to fight.Even as I was using the tactics of Sun Tzu,if eventually there is a death,departing from the tactics of Sun Tzu. It all is naught.To not do so also,the self-control to each other,everyone must focus on compromise.

And if everyone can not run,It will lose the creativity and vitality of the people.

Since the TPP has the economic partnership that lead to strengthening of security, there is a large sense.


The sprinkle of magic to for more delicious rice!!

Sun Tzu




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