Arima is the memorial there is a drama.



★ revival of indomitable soul Gurasuwanda ★

Posted by root Katsuyuki on 2015 年 12 月 26 日

1998 Arima Kinen failure in Meiba that was resurrected in admirably this big stage through the climate that has a performance that is not dull had over giving up continued after returning waving Classic bar. I have baked attached to mind the moment you take my hat off to the height of the potential of abysmal this horse even now.
Gurasuwanda (February 18, 1995 -) is produced in the United States, race horse that has been trained in Japan.

The debut in the middle horse racing (JRA) in 1997.
The same year it won the Asahi Cup 3-year-old stakes in record time, and elected to the stallion best 3-year-old.
It received a rating of the best ever as a two-year-old horses of JRA belong in the rating. Although the next 1998 spring shook the stick at the fracture, and return in the autumn, by the end of the year and won the Memorial Arima. Also in 1999 suffered multiple injuries won the Takarazuka Kinen and Arima Kinen while, to achieve a “Grand Prix three-peat” in the history of two horses eyes. The same year, he was awarded the JRA Special Award
. Finally, retired Takarazuka Kinen of 2000. Total 15 races wins 9. Hitoshi Matoba was riding on the inner 14 races.

Stallions than in 2001. Japan Cup winner screen hero in Sankoma, Takarazuka Kinen winner Ernest Lee, such as Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes winner Say down Wonder, and has produced the GI · JpnI race winning horse of 5 cows.

★ revival of miracle Tokai Teio ★

Name play-by-play of the 1993 Arima Memorial “miracle of resurrection Tokai Teio” was impressive. My has been inscribed as a single page of the miracle of the drama in.
Posted by root Katsuyuki on 2015 年 12 月 26 日

Tokai Teio (1988 – 2013) is a Japanese racehorse.
Major wins saddle Satsuki Award in 1991, the Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby), 1992 Japan Cup, such as the 1993 Arima Kinen. It is the first international G1 race winning horse as Japan trained horse.
1991 JRA Award year representative horse, Best 4-year-old stallion and the best father in the domestic horse, winning JRA Special Award in fiscal 1993. 1995, elected to honor horses. It is a representative production piece of seven Crown horse SYMBOLI RUDOLF.

★ Kamigakari revival Oguri Cap ★

1990 Arima Meiba decorated with commemorative retirement race in the revival of runway. Exactly Japan Horse Racing Oguri cap that common sense also be reversed image. Without this horse racing is I do not talk about. It is a God for me !!
Horse Racing of God (Okawa Keijiro-san) is I’d like courting Ryan (laughs)

Posted by root Katsuyuki on 2015 年 12 月 26 日

Oguri Cap (Oguri Cap, March 27, 1985 – July 3, 2010) is a Japanese racehorse.
One head of the “1991 strong.” The second horse racing boom period, to obtain a high popularity that even reputed to be comparable to haiseiko.
1988 of JRA Award for Best 4-year-old stallion, stallions or more JRA Award for Best 5-year-old in fiscal 1990 and the fiscal year representative horse. 1991, elected to the JRA honor horse. Nicknamed as “Oguri”, “Ashike of monster.”
The debut in Kasamatsu Racecourse in May 1987. 8 winning streak, after recording a 12-round 10 wins, including a heavy prize five wins, and he moved to the central horse racing in January 1988, it was recorded a heavy prize 12 wins (including wins GI4).
Success and popularity of the height that is said to have become one of the major factors that stir up a second-order horse racing boom. But became the stallion after retired racehorse, it is not possible to issue a central horse racing heavy prize winning horse from Sun piece, it was retired stallions in 2007.

To horse racing spectator weekend, and trying to get in here … items that you want to bring !!!
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