Basic manners of Japanese cuisine

Such as year-end party now the end of the year, I think there are various events.
So, there will also be using the restaurant and fine Japanese restaurant. When this when you know the correct manner, I think change is eyes around the people see you.
The is, it’s towel come immediately transported and sit down. Summer is pleasant with refreshing Wiping this in the face, and I would do with, but this is a breach of manners! ! Towel is because not for wiping his face with to wipe your hands.
And, on top of the table or desk, and received business cards, cigarettes, but there are people who put a mobile smartphone, this is also because it is fundamental that not place other than cooking, better to quit was a good idea.
If the lid, such as egg custard and soup has been carried in with the vessel in Japanese cuisine, all lid It is fundamental that the take. Lid in the inside out, and put out of your meal. When you have finished eating the food, and to original position, the lid. There are people that upside-down the lid, but normally closing the lid.
Such as sashimi platter, when that has been carried the platter dishes, in order from the end, put the chopsticks. It is given a chopsticks from middle’s breach of manners! !
Food, basic to eat Lift the dish up to the chest. To eat as close to face towards the cooking, it is better to not do it because too much is not a clean way of eating to say a dog eating.
Do not wipe yourself when spilled juice and drink on the table, it is the right way to have them wiped asking Mr. Nakai (store staff).



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Posted by 根本 克之 on 2015年12月20日



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