What is Instagram?Insutapurinnto?


Machikado in stand-print as “FOTOfwd” is
“FOTOfwd” is, ※ 2Instagram (Instagram), the Twitter photo posted by attaching to various SNS (such as Twitter) the designation of ※ 1 hash tag, read on dedicated terminals installed in the event venues and shops, etc., brand logo and sponsor advertising printed stickers and photos, can be printed for free as a card is “street corners in stand-print”.
Users a special excitement that can not be experienced only on the spot, and at the same time can be in hand for free as a high premium property, you can enjoy the “FOTOfwd” as a new form of sticker exchange culture familiar with photo booth . ※ 1,2 Details ↓ remarks

High promotion function that has the “FOTOfwd”
From the companies and sponsors, as acquired want goods and high to attract customers of · SNS marketing effect · PR media for the service cognitive (novelty), but if I have to appreciate the powerful promotion function that connects the online and offline. Also, be certain number of spreading its own specified hash tag on the Web, it will be very great value in branding promotion from this utilizing SNS.
Design of highly dedicated terminal street corner in stand-print “FOTOfwd” is custom allows the design to suit the installation’s brand image. Such as the user can play any of the CM moving even while waiting for a print, glad function as a promotion media is packed, it has the potential of a wide range of utilization, which do not limit the use scene depending on the idea.



Remarks ※ The 1 first place hashtag?
The hash tag, make it easier to search it with a category to tweet, is like a tag to put a “#xxx” to the tweet. By tweet decide the hash tag, etc. during the event, the same event You can share information with participants each other. You can also rise in the same topic.
Example: If “# ○○ tournament” and put tweets, you can see it’s tweets about the “○○ tournament”. “# ○○ tournament” It is possible to only the View can share information tweets about when you search “○○ tournament” in.

# Benefits of using the hash tag?
You can raised in the same topic, audience of participants and television program of events is a look at whether you are Tweets think any thing, you can enjoy together
# By tweet hash tag, users who are interested in participants and keywords of the same event might be willing to look at my Tweets
Guests can enjoy a sense of reality of events, even if not actually be able to participate in events
Specific use
# Hen to see the tweets hash tagged

In the search box of Twitter, you can simply search by entering a hash tag that you want to see. It is possible to see a list of tweets to the hash tagged. Do have any hash tag, @ TwitterJP and, then you might want to notice from the event’s official account, you can be introduced at the event venue, sometimes official hash tag of TV programs have been introduced on TV. Also, If you see the # ○○ in trend, is it now a popular hash tag. Let’s take a look by clicking on it.



Remarks ※ The two first place Instagram?

share images and short videos on your iPhone or Android terminal, that of free smartphone apps and services using it. Photo said that specialized SNS (social networking service) to, can be variously processed post and share the images contained in the captured image and the camera roll in a variety of filters in the smartphone. Also, it is possible to post the like Facebook · Twitter · foursquare · Tumblr, in other SNS photograph. 2010 appeared in the October 6, App Store of Apple in, February 14 now, won the users of 100 million 50 million people worldwide, 55 million sheets are posted in one day, 16 billion sheets share It grew to has been image SNS of the largest are. But was acquired in a $ 1 billion by Facebook on April 12, and the expansion of the design filter of expansion and corresponding original language (more than 20 countries), has continued its own progress and development.
Specific use

It is Instagram that the rage among young people (instagram), but as how to use it the same as Facebook, Twitter of SNS until now, you only need to post to take photos.
Feature as is the fact that the abundant function of about this photo, a piece of it is possible to finely change the brightness and contrast of the photos, and they have excellent that they can post to make the atmosphere that you want yourself out.
And to post the photos, by attaching relevant keywords as ※ 1 hash tag, the same thing or even photos of people who have posted seen for, order or Could come to see to the contrary, one of the You can get at one time information against.
People who saw the post, and “likes” button and heart mark, since it has to be able to enter a comment, will be the fact that the reaction of the surrounding can also be seen on the photo.
The characteristics of Instagram (instagram), in the SNS mainly composed of images than words, it is good that she can print out a real-time image of the moment for free now sharing with street corners in stand-print “FOTOfwd” .
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