Omuni kaden nandesuka? Omni consumer electronics What?

What Omni consumer electronics?

Do you know the word “omni”?

Consumer electronics, such as a refrigerator connected to the Internet and the Omni consumer electronics, it becomes a whole new shopping style that you can you can order the food on the fly from the net super.

Omni consumer electronics is delivered food in the recommended recipes that I bought a good thing Dzukushi For example, in such as the refrigerator if online supermarket, refrigerator with food and there was more like good food the place where it is not enough for us over talk in the voice.
The daily troublesome work such as SALE information and trash collection day of the supermarket you can easily grasp.

Also becomes the refrigerator itself now can buy to display products such as favorite clothes in the refrigerator, items such as its display if captured by the external camera you like it will be able to “simulate fitting” that uses a CG is also the mirror me will be able to order immediately on the spot.
Omni consumer electronics is called alias “IoT consumer electronics”, refers to the fact that almost all IT-related goods in those “Internet of Thing” is connected to the Internet, refrigerator is one of them.

And the Omni consumer electronics refrigerator of identity has become a “DIGI” (Haier Asia) that door LCD screen in the refrigerator of AQUA to be launched in 2016, the movement in the smartphone (Android OS), a whopping DIGI of the display 32 form LCD is two. But most of the attention is the price. The AQUA say I think it is and has become overwhelmingly cheap and said, “should not be to those piled up cost as a typical refrigerator.”

Reads the bar code of the product that has been bought and with the camera in the DIGI, what is called in the smartphone by storing in the refrigerator it is possible to confirm things in the fridge, it can be confirmed in the smartphone by listing the stock status

Indispensable for the insert is always power in the house in something much refrigerator, there is no need to start a personal computer, easily it is possible to easily order any person because net service is available in the smartphone.
Such Omni consumer electronics “IoT consumer electronics” is one after another planned are a variety in 2016
Sharp has announced a partnership with Yahoo in July, I look forward to more and more in the future! !

And recruit and the company that Aplix IP Holdings of IoT device manufacturers
It seems to make a coffee maker to deliver the information jointly.

After that came a notification to the smartphone and come bait is reduced by sensing and pet movement in the sensor
It is so is also considered that feel like come let you know and to buy the owner.

After the Omni consumer electronics, such as anti said refrigerator is placed in the hand in the discount
Or it would not have than going to rapidly penetrate into homes around the world …

Refrigerator discount Omni consumer electronics “feature of AQUADIGI”

Because this refrigerator are equipped with Android in OS, the Tsukaimichi is large, for example, it is also possible to display the photos taken with the smartphone, you can also view the gallery are in the smart phone in the liquid crystal panel of the refrigerator. In the list of ingredients we can introduced me to a recipe using ingredients that are in the fridge and you can check the expiration date. It is in can easily be surprisingly troublesome

Since the refrigerator is connected to the net can be online shopping as it is smartphone is in cooperation with the super
You can be or order in only at home.






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